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Online Dating and the Police

online dating

Many police departments have been releasing warnings about the dangers of meeting people online. In fact, a series of major crimes have been published recently; that seem to have been organized by individuals using online dating tools. Tinder and Grindr have been linked to “Over 500 crimes.” so, of course, the police aren’t going to take this uptick in criminality lying down. But don’t they have more important things to worry about? The truth is that criminals who would have been committing crimes anyways have just been using these apps as a means to contact marks. There is likely no actual increase in crime due to the apps; rather it may just be a sign that culture is shifting and technology is taking over all facets of life.

With the ongoing outcry for more police oversight and alleged corruption inside departments, the police publicizing all new ways we may be in danger is starting to seem more like a smoke screen and justification for them keeping things as is. If we are all afraid of crime, we are much less likely to question the tactics of the police. I’m not saying this is a broad conspiracy, but the tactics of deflection are often done subconsciously by those wishing to justify their controls over aspects of other’s lives. I love the police, but I feel it’s important we make sure they remember what their jobs actually are, and how they are supposed to be doing them. Spending the time for Tinder task forces in light of our recent issues doesn’t seem like the best use of resources to me.

Don’t fear your online dating apps, just be wary of them. The same level of suspicious you would be talking to any stranger. You are in no more danger from a dating app then you were going out with someone you had just met a few nights ago.