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3 Tips for Selecting a Pair of Jackson Skates

Although you can find ice skates in many sporting goods stores, especially in the northern part of the United States, they may not be the ideal skates for your feet. Cheap skates are as bad as cheap shoes because they may wear out quickly and not provide the proper support for your ankles, knees, lower back and feet. Here are three tips for selecting a pair of ice skates.

Separate Boot and Skate

If you’ve never bought a pair of ice skates, some adult skates allow you to pick both the boot and skates separately. However, you will also find many skates available in a boot/skate combo. Jackson skates are sold as a combination, so whether you need a child’s skate or a pair for an adult, you can select the size boots you need and they will come with removable all-purpose blades.

Jackson skates

Purchase Snug Fitting Boots

Most ice skates are available in sizes that are close to or about a half-size under your normal shoe size. However, you will want a snug, rather than a loose, fit, especially around the ankle as it helps guide your turns and curves. Some brands are available in both narrow and wide widths, but while the toe box may be wider or narrower, the heel will need to be narrow so it provides a snug fit.

Wearing Socks with Skates

Even though you’re on ice, don’t wear thick socks with your skates as they may make them uncomfortably tight. Instead, wear thin trouser socks or tights with your skates. Your feet are controlling your movements and you will better able to feel what you’re doing if you wear thinner socks.

Always firmly lace your skates, especially around the instep, but not too snug around the ankle. You should be able to do a deep knee bend while wearing your skates.